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The world is in crisis. eople simply don’t have the strength to deal with all the world’s misfortunes. Or the competencies to understand them. Or the attention and motivation, the time and the money, or even the hope for change needed for getting involved to achieve some good.

Things are tough for you! You’re working up a sweat to reforge brand purpose into engaging and credible campaigns, Meanwhile, more than half of consumers don’t believe you, and one in three don’t understand your CSR/ESG campaigns*.On top of that, all of your competitors are also struggling to be a brand with values (green, rainbow or otherwise whitened), and as a result are losing their uniqueness.

*Based on IRCenter research from September 2022, details in the research offer.

We have analysed reactions to hundreds of examples of real-life ESG/CSR activations in order to diagnose which noble goals Poles are genuinely moved by, and what mechanics secure their engagement.

Project idea

Activation HUB is a road map to the hearts of Poles and at the same time the driving rules for brand-based source for good.

It helps avoid straying from consumer attention, or being accused by them of green-, pink- or womanwashing.

Prettier & simpler?

The project was devised to help achieve activations that are engaging, inspiring, ground-breaking and make a real contribution to brand equity, giving people a sense of agency, hope and optimism:

values that are far more coveted and in deficit than your products and services (sadly true).

Ohhs &

I appreciate Activation Hub above all for its comprehensive approach to the topic of various activations and for its practicality. The material took us through the entire path of working on activations: starting with a “examination of conscience” of the actions that have been/are being carried out (I recommend treating Golden Rules and Watchouts as a checklist for verifying past activities), through designing what we would like to introduce (here a mega-inspiring set of analyzed activities), and checking at various stages of campaign preparation whether we are heading in the right direction, thanks to the AHPower Index indicators.

Daria Affeltowicz
Insight Manager
Kompania Piwowarska

Activation Hub one-of-a-kind ‘reality check’. In a precise, dimensioned way, we can see how campaigns – beautiful and right in concept – are perceived by consumers. Activation Hub reveals what to focus on to be effective. It shows how in which areas to act, what to follow, and gives a practical compass, and in combination with the workshop – the knowledge and tools to build mechanisms that will be the basis of our credible and effective CSR campaigns for several brands.

Justyna Plucińska
Consumer Insights & Market Analysis Manager
The Lorenz Bahlsen Snack-World

Activation Hub is a true inspirational map to the hearts of Poles. The report analyzes a wide spectrum of actual activities undertaken by companies in Poland and around the world. It reveals which actions resonated best and which definitely did not reach their hearts and minds. With such a holistic view and a list of tips and prohibitions supported by examples, the report allows for a much more thoughtful selection of solutions/activities that can be brought real value to our brand. Importantly, we also know how to measure their potential and chances of success.

Małgorzata Czerska
Kierownik Zespołu Badań, Departament Marketingu
Bank Pekao S.A.



AH ! Power Index

Understanding how we calculated strength of activation and areas. Crucial KPIs for activations.

10 golden rules

10 key rules in the creation of ESG/CSR activations navigating towards success on the Polish market.

Areas & Activations

Analysis of activations in thematic areas: Ecology, Localness, Crisis, Diversity, Wellbeing.

What Poles are moved by?

Analysis of topics that Poles care about, and which they are indifferent to. Links to over 30 different studies, publications and reports.

10 watchouts

10 most common pitfalls your competition has fallen into and which You can avoid.


Analysis of activations with demographic variables, providing knowledge of whom to activate with what.

5 most important consumer ESG/CSR areas.


They are genuine, regardless of whether your actions towards achieving good are dictated by legislation, consumer expectations, a sincere belief in redeeming your brands’ part in leading to the crisis, or simply business.

When an area has its own universal power, it is the AH!POWER INDEX calculated on the basis of all activations in the area concerned.

We have also described when it is particularly worth focusing on a specific area, why, to whom, in what context, and what it gives.

Application. Selection for communication


Defining area of activity and guiding values


The choice of topics within your brand’s purpose


Matching the mechanics to the idea depending on the KPIs of crucial importance to you


Choosing a unique form that allows you to stand out from the clutter


An attractive campaign toolkit

AH ! Power Index. How it was developed.

ONE INDEX AND ITS COMPONENTS (Attractiveness, Differentiation, Importance, Movement, Willingness to Share, Involvement, Repulses), in order to be able to create a benchmark that can be used to position any activation, idea or concept within its scope at any stage.

Project stages


Qualitative research
We spent a few weeks
gathered over 1000 activations, which we checked, helping you collect likes, emotions and strokes, and avoid blows.


Quantitative verification of ACTIVATIONS

In the end, we tested 160 activations, from 5 main areas*

We also covered 27 statements illustrating Poles’ attitudes towards the world in which they live and to current problems.

*Quantitative study on a representative sample of Poles aged 15-65; N=2000, CAWI


Qualitative research

In addition, we used workshops with consumers to work through the TOP 20 and BOTTOM 20 activations identified in the quantitative research.

Many sources of CSR/ESG activation

Local gov.
Local society
  • TV ads, Cinema ads, Internet ads/ YT/ Social Media
  • Online portal, newspapers info/ industry/local.
  • Billboards, posters, mobile apps, local, neighbourhood actions

Verification of client Activations

CLIENT’S AH!POWER INDEX comparison with the benchmark and qualitative analysis

You already have your activations, ideas and concepts, and want to check them, investigate them

  • Quick (5 working days) we will compare with the benchmark, and answer whether they have a chance to appear in the target
  • Quantitative research using the AH! methodology, up to 4 Activations, sample N=200 for the tested target